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Collect 2015

New bowl II

New bowl II

 I will be taking part in Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, London in May. To find out more about the show click here.

Paul Musgrove of Gallery Ten has gotten together a great group of artists to show their work at the show, specialising in glass but other mediums too. You can visit the list to see who on the Gallery’s site here.

2016 A short look ahead

New bowl

New bowl

This year begins as the previous ended, with my working on commissions.

However along with showing work these first few months of 2016 in Scotland, in an exciting opportunity through Gallery Ten a really great glass gallery in Chicago, Echt Gallery will be showing my work in the USA really for the first time, there and in Palm Beach Florida. (wish I was there too!).

Having spent almost a year blowing my glass blanks for cutting at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, successful though it has been I have come to realise even their facilities will not allow me to extend the scale of my work to where I would like it to go.

Ardnamurchan Shore

Ardnamurchan Shore

However through contacts there I am hoping to work with skilled glass blowers in the Czech Republic who have the ability and facilities at their factory to take my work to another level in scale. There is a lot still to work out, not least how to cut them and kilns large enough to work them in but hopefully this year should see something really exciting. Watch this space!.

2014 What’s ahead

North Devon Vessel

North Devon Vessel

After a year of working mainly on commissions, staying in the studio, trying out some new ideas and keeping well away from demonstrations and exhibition openings, 2014 begins with it few changes.

Spring brings a few exhibitions at home and abroad. Firstly to Belgium, the glass museum Glazenhuis are holding an exhibition on UK contemporary art glass from the 6th April – 14th September featuring established and some up and coming UK glass artists and they have kindly asked me to take part.

Much nearer home, I rarely show my work locally I’m sorry to say but there is nowhere more local for me than Duns Castle . Borders Art at Duns Castle will be on for 3 weeks at the beginning of May. I’m looking forward to getting a look inside. I knew there were some well known artists in the area and it will be nice to get a chance to finally meet some of them.

June 2014 I will be revisiting two Scottish galleries I have exhibited at before but not for a while. At the Castle Gallery Inverness I will hope to show some new works in a joint show with printmaker Veta Gorner. At the end of the month I will be showing at the Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow as part of their Summer collection. I’m happy to be back at both Scottish galleries.

However the biggest change this year is a move of studio, yikes! more to follow!

Museum of New Art Parnu

Exhibition poster

Estonian glass artist Kati Kretsna has just sent to me the catalogue from the exhibition celebrating 75 years of Estonian glass art.  Here is the cover. Scottish/Estonian alliance!

The pictures of the exhibition look amazing. she sent two but here is a link to an item on the Nation news (in Estonian) that shows more.

British Glass Biennale 2012 ‘People’s Prize’ award


Biennale Waveform

Perhaps the most important contemporary glass exhibition in the UK has just finished.

Held every two years the Glass Biennale  is a chance for the public to see what the glass artists of Britain are up to. Sadly I couldn’t make the opening but I am delighted to find I have been given joint first place for the ‘Peoples Prize’

Over the course of the exhibition visitors were given the opportunity to vote for a work they liked best at the show. Matt Hayes and myself were equally given the most votes. Louis Thompson won ‘Best in Show’. A talented glass maker I got the chance to meet Louis and work with him at the London Glassblowing Studio demo I took part in for ‘Winners’ in May. He is one to watch.

For more details on these and the other Biennale awards see here.

2012 Exhibitions

Spring brings the start for me of the exhibition season this year. Two European glass festivals I will be showing at and some exciting UK shows too.

May sees the begining with an invite to a show at a  glass exhibition in Estonia at the Museum of New Art in Parnu. This is organised by artist Kati Kerstna to celebrate 75 years of Estonian glass Art. I’d love to go but only the work goes this time.

Also overseas I’ll be showing at ‘Glassfest 2012’ in the Czech Republic between June 30th and August 31st at the Minea Gallery in Karlovy Vary.

UK shows start also in May with ‘Winners’ an exhibition of three glass artists who have won recent awards. It’s being held at Peter Laytons ‘London Glassblowing ‘ gallery and I will be travelling down to demonstrate my work (hopefully a Wave) on the 25th of May. I’ll also be showing  work at an exhibition celebrating it’s 30th at Pyramid Gallery in York around the same time.

Summer brings my third visit to Waterperry House and Art in Action. I thought they might have had enough of me by now but it’s always interesting and good fun too so delighted to go again. If you miss ‘Winners’ all three of us will be there demonstrating to the public. Also American artist Scott Benefield who I met last year at Luxenbourg. Excited to see him work.

I’m pleased to say I was accepted into the 2012 Glass Biennale. This time with two works and I plan to go in person this time!. It opens on the 24th August.

So that is about it, plenty on. More info as it comes.

Luxembourg International Glass Festival

'How is that done then?' Luxembourg Festival

I have just returned and would have to say it was quite an experience with some stunning glass on show. Photographs and comments to follow soon.

Art in Action 2011 2nd prize

Art in Action demo

Demonstration under the watchful eye of Anthony Wassel

Another enjoyable event at Waterperry House this year.  After coming first last year in the ‘Best of the best’ exhibition, I was great to be given the 2nd prize this year. Even better it was a fellow glass demonstrator Liam who won first place. With two first places and a second prize in the last two events, the glass demonstrators have done well recently considering in the over 20 year old history of the event glass had never won it before. A huge feather in he cap for Steven Prendigast and his team who organise the glass show.

Less successful were my own demonstrations. This year partly through problems with the kiln and my own stupidity most of the pieces cracked. I decided to demonstrate some other forms rather than just Waves as I mentioned in the post below. Other than the ‘Frog’ piece they were pretty disasterous. However it gave those viewing  a taste of what often happens for real.

I also enjoyed putting faces on a few previous customers who came to the event. It is always good to meet owners of your work in person and some at least saw the process of how my work is made.

IVth International Glass Festival

I have received  information about participating artists and event dates for this event.

Click here to view. More to follow.

2011 what’s going on- exhibitions, demonstrations and an International glass festival.


Carter Wave below

The first quarter  of 2011 has been taken up with commission work, mainly from last years Glass Biennale. Exhibitions begin in March.  I’ll be taking part in two in Scotland at the Strathearn gallery in Crieff and the Green gallery near Stirling. The Broadfield House Glass Museum is showing a Wave as part of a sea theme exhibition, on until the autumn.

In May I was due to exhibit in Germany at the lovely Galerie Rosenhauer. Unfortunately it has had to be cancelled for the time being. Hopefully we can reschedule for a later date. In the same month another sea themed exhibition will be showing my work, Imagine Gallery in Long Melford which opens on the 22nd of May. I met the owner at last years Art in Action.


Art in Action 2011 at Waterperry house will have the dubious pleasure of my sweaty demonstrations again this year. I realise the organisers like to swap exhibitors around to keep the event fresh, so I was unsure if I would be back in 2011. I presume that having won the ‘Best of the Best’ exhibition last year they perhaps felt obliged to ask me back again!

So I am looking forward to that in July. I plan to demonstrate a few other forms as well as a Wave around the techniques I use, although they are just as  scary, mad and likely to end up shattered in the making!

Frog in leaf- Art in Action demo?

Some really exciting news is that I have been asked to exhibit at the IVth International Glass Festival in Luxenbourg this August. I will post more about this event seperately but must mention they are asking for 6 -20 pieces! Apparently it is taking place at three different venues around the same time. Gulp!. Better get making!

GNCCF Manchester 2010 update- another award


‘Best Selected Maker’ award

Rather embarrassing  all this.

Rather like waiting for buses are receiving awards. You wait and wait, nothing comes and then they all come at once.

Still thanks to James Photography for awarding me with the ‘Best Selected Maker’ award which includes shooting 360 degree photographs of my work which allows the viewer to scroll around the piece.

I have already seen a 360 degree photograph using a perfume bottle of mine which looked great. Hopefully when pictures of a Wave are done I will put them up here.

The show proved good more to come.

Essence at London Glassblowing

Archean Wave

Archean sea waveform

As a follow on from the Biennale exhibition, some of the exhibitors were asked to show their work at Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Gallery in London. Here is the piece I sent.

The show opens 24th Sept, see more details here

British Glass Biennale 2010

I have been accepted to exhibit at this years event. An Ocean bowl was chosen to represent my work.

Part of the International Festival of Glass the show runs from 27th of August to 11th of September.

[Update] Here is the piece I exhibited. Unfortunately I could not make the opening but a fellow exhibitor kindly sent some pictures to me.

This piece sold at the opening and I have been asked to do several commissions from it, which would be fantastic if only my furnace was working at the moment and everything I touched didn’t crack!. GAH!

Ocean Bowl

Aurora Ocean Bowl

Art in Action 2010 1st prize


'Best of the Best' award - courtesy of Art in Action

What an amazing event ‘Art in Action’ is. Glass blowing in a stately homes garden is the way ahead!

25000 visitors and I think I spoke to them all.

What an honour it is winning this award. I’ll update more when my head clears.  Here is a wee link for now- AnA

Being shy I asked my stupid identical  twin brother to pose for photographers <cough>

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2009 ‘Best in Show’

I  greatly enjoyed exhibiting at last years event and was delighted to be awarded ‘Best in Show’ by the event jury. Particularly in light of the quality of some of the exhibitors there, receiving this prize was a real honour and surprise!.

The show was very well run by the enthusiastic and friendly organisers and I would thoroughly recommend  a visit to anyone interested in quality, contemporary applied art.

I have just been accepted into the 2010 event and look forward to October this year.

The piece shown was bought by a lady literally on the last minute of the show. My next door exhibitors photo shows some shard work near the bottom consisting of fish images. These glass shards are applied before the piece is blown resulting in them being trapped between layers of glass.

Art in Action

working picture

My demonstation will look like this but I will be surrounded by grass and a stately home!

I will be demonstrating making my work and exhibiting this summer at the wonderful event that is ‘Art in Action’

Check out the video here

The Biscuit Factory

Antarctic Ocean Bowl- sadly no more, broken after an attempted repair by the artist.! Still the stretching technique worked well. New summer exhibition in Newcastle upon Tyne at The Biscuit Factory.

Antarctic Ocean Bowl- sadly no more, broken after an attempted repair by the artist.! Still the stretching technique worked well.
New summer exhibition in Newcastle upon Tyne at The Biscuit Factory.

New summer exhibition in Newcastle upon Tyne at The Biscuit Factory.

New website

Graham at work

Two people are needed during this stage

I am just back from the Manchester gig, and I am poised to start work on the new website.

My plan is to add more of my glass work in pictures and words, a little at a time, so do come back at intervals.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the work in progress, please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Manchester 2009

Wave Form IV

Wave Form IV

I will be exhibiting at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at a brand new venue in the centre of Manchester.

Spinningfields, Manchester’s high profile business quarter, located just off Deansgate in the heart of the city.

The Craft Fair is a unique shopping experience and opportunity to see and buy my latest works in a setting of over 140 talented designers and makers in the UK.

Head over to The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Manchester to get yourself a ticket.

Scent Bottles

Solar Scent Bottle

Solar Scent Bottle

With perfume bottles my aim has been to move away from traditional blown shapes to design pieces that use simple graceful forms together with precise use of colour and colour combinations. Over the years I have designed and made a wide range of studio glass based on the perfume bottle. I am still exploring unusual techniques in an attempt to create forms well removed from normal glass blowing.
Once you reduce the the form of the bottle down to a container (or two!) an opening and a stopper you can let your imagination run riot. That’s what I love about the idea. As long as functionality is not of prime importance and you think sculpturally about the form you can do so much with the key elements. The body of the form can be completely changed by the introduction of the stopper and the relationship between these two can often lead a really fascinating journey into design. (more…)

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