2016 A short look ahead

New bowl

This year begins as the previous ended, with my working on commissions.

However along with showing work these first few months of 2016 in Scotland, in an exciting opportunity through Gallery Ten a really great glass gallery in Chicago, Echt Gallery will be showing my work in the USA really for the first time, there and in Palm Beach Florida. (wish I was there too!).

Having spent almost a year blowing my glass blanks for cutting at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, successful though it has been I have come to realise even their facilities will not allow me to extend the scale of my work to where I would like it to go.

However through contacts there I am hoping to work with skilled glass blowers in the Czech Republic who have the ability and facilities at their factory to take my work to another level in scale. There is a lot still to work out, not least how to cut them and kilns large enough to work them in but hopefully this year should see something really exciting. Watch this space.

Ardnamurchan Shore
Ardnamurchan Shore